The Form 1

Process Flow Chart

Our role

Form 1 Solutions produces your Statutory Form 1 disclosure statement, required by law, to be issued from a seller to a purchaser in every sale of land transaction in South Australia.

As your registered agent we mitigate the risk of your sales contract being voided due to a defective Form 1.
Our expert team with a wealth of experience and knowledge will ensure your Form 1 disclosure statement is completed accurately and thoroughly.

All you need to do is download our vendor questionnaire, fill it in and send it back to us. Our team of experienced staff will do the rest. Easy!

The Detail

The Form 1 Disclosure Statement is a compulsory part of any sale of property in South Australia.

The act requires the appointed registered agent to make various enquiries and for the agent or his nominee to certify the completeness and accuracy of information set out in the Form 1. The source of the enquiries are the vendor, the land titles registration office for a property interest report, the local or district council and if applicable, a community or strata corporation.

The service of a Form 1 generally gives rise to the commencement of the “cooling off” period to a purchaser.

For more information about the Form 1 and cooling off period visit REISA .